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Color Bubble: Warm Dark

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Makeup for Dark Skin Warm Dark Color Bubble
The warm dark complexioned person must take care to avoid things that reflect too blue or look too chalky.  If you are fortunate enough to find a medium or higher coverage foundation that does not have any white basis, then buy more than one of them, and save a sample in case you don't find it again, and wish to have it blended for you.

You should stick to sheer colors, or warm natural earthy tones.  Use your natural dark skin tone for your shadows, and highlight where you like with lighter shades of warm brown and bronze.

Despite popular myths, you can most certainly wear frosty colors.  Just be sure that they don't reflect blue.  Test them in a variety of lighting.  Dab a little on at the counter, and then go outside, and see how it looks.

In lipstick, metallic coffee brown mixed with a hint of reddish bronze looks really good on you.  So does super-deep coral.  It's burghundy, but more raisin brown.


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