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Makeup for Dark Skin Cool Light Color Bubble
Light skinned women of color with cool complexions often have trouble finding makeup to suit you because you're usually somewhere between cool and warm, and somewhere between brown and peach.  What brings you to the cool dark side though is the creamy mild peachy-but-pink of your actual skin tone, rather than mere redness due to transparency of the skin.

You can wear some opaque colors for contrast, but be careful that these blend to your skin tone.  Most makeup made for your level of lightness has a white or yellow-white basis, and this isn't good for you.  Go for things that have more of a blue or blue-white basis.  Avoid lipsticks with any white basis at all, and instead go for the ones that have pigment uncut by any zinc oxide or kaolin clay.  Save those minerals for accenting the central eyelids or just under the outer edge of the eyebrow.


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