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Color Bubble: Cool Medium

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Makeup for Dark Skin Cool Medium Color Bubble
Medium complexioned women have to be very careful about makeup colors.  The wrong one can make you look more bruised than made up.  So what you want to do is adjust the values (areas of lightness and darkness) first, using neutral or brownish cool colors close to your skin's natural range, and then only after that, add other colors to it.

If you're on the darker side of medium, you can use some contrast to bring out particular features, but a warning first: Only use sheer colors or contrasting glitter for this.  Avoid an overly uniform type of blush, because it will turn out just like a streak across your face.  Opt for the dual kits that have one color close to your skin color when you actually blush, and a more sheer reddish or pink fine metallic or glitter.  Streak the basis, dot the glitter at highlight points, and then blend.

Try a blushing style of eyeshadow too.  Make a thin line of red at the edge of the lids, blend this upwards a little, add some cool brown to tone it down, and then use a super dark navy blue or black eyeliner.


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