What Type of Bindi Is Right For You?

Modern Traditional
Modern Traditional's guide to choosing the bindi that suits your face shape.

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Almost all bindi look pretty in the pack or on the website, but sometimes you can put one on that is all wrong for your face.  Here are a few tips to make sure you get the ones that are right for you.

Face shape is more a matter of the hairline, shadows and bone structure of the facial area than the actual shape of the head.  Big eyes will give the appearance of more weight at the top of the face, as big lips and a prominent chin will give more weight in the bottom center.
The heart shaped face is somewhat difficult to find bindis for.  Your forehead is already somewhat prominent, and a bindi will focus more attention on it.

The heart shaped face doesn't need a large bindi.  So keep them small like the reflective body dots, a small spot of kumkum, or a centimetre at most length fashion bindi.

Heart Shaped Face
You can do pretty much as you like with the oval face.  Just try to make sure that it's classy and balanced.  You have enough forehead to get away with the new trendy long fashion bindis, or the painted gold kumkum, but make sure your lipstick compliments it.

Avoid the side-of-the-eye stickers in favor of the eyelid stickers though.  The side ones can make you look too catty (unless that is the desired effect).

Oval Face
Long bindis look good on you.  Play around with designs that are high on the forehead if you would like to give your face a longer look.

Stay away from the larger round bindis, flat bottom triangles, large teardrops, and diamond shapes.

Round Face
The square face is a bit tricky.  Some of the same rules apply as the oval face, but the square calls for angles and splash.  Butterfly bindis look good on the square face.  Long thin ones are out, but the v-shaped ones will work quite well.
Square Face
The triangular face can get away with even more than the oval face.  Whatever big, bold, brightness is there will only balance the face more.  Be careful not to go overboard though.  Sunbursts, sunrise, spider, and star bindi will suit you well.

Triangular Face
Here are some shapes you can cut out and try on:

I hope this has helped you to decide which bindis to make or buy.

Don't forget to stop by the main Bindi page to see what the symbolic meanings of various shapes are.  Good luck!

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