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Modern Traditional's guide to Al Rehab perfume oils.
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Body Musk

Body Musk is a very clean, crisp but soft scent.  It is somewhat reminiscent of a white musk, but a bit more happy and less sharp.

It's marketed to women, but it actually smells better on men.  Be careful though, because women smell this very strongly, but men do not.  So it's easy for a guy to overdo it.  A small streak at the sternum and pulse points is all you need, and it'll last all day or night.


Full is natural extremely extremely jasmine.  It's like burying your face in a handfull of the tiny blossoms on a warm spring night in the middle east.

It is a very feminine scent, and very flowery, and yet not overbearing or headache inducing.  From the bottle it smells very powerful, but it mellows very nicely on the skin.


Golden is described as a very young scent.  In my opinion, this is an understatement.  It reminds me very much of a teenage version of the sort of perfumes that are sold with glamour dolls.  It is powdery, and flowery, with a barely detectable touch of woodiness.

It will bring back the memories, and is great for the young or the young at heart.  It's a good introduction to perfume oils for young girls who want to smell pretty, but not too sexy.

Mokhalat Al-oud

Mokhalat Al-oud is a very clean and simple woody scent.  It's great when you want something deep but not too overdone.  The smell is mature and straightforward, not too old.  It goes very well with businesswear.

Red Rose

This is everything you wanted a rose perfume to be, but were unable to find until Al Rehab got it just right.  It's somewhere between garden, Damask, and tea rose...just the right balance.  It doesn't smell anything like the synthetics people are used to.  This is the real deal.

This is definitely an oil to wear if you want to be remembered.  Men will want to be near you just to inhale your aura.  Handle this one with care.


Shaikhah is a scent that not just anybody can wear.  It's just the right blend of flower and wood for the highly confident woman.  You must have the kind of body odor that is pleasant even when it is strong.  If you already have an attractive natural smell, then Shaikhah will be the perfect compliment to it.
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