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Free Stuff International
These free offers are good for anyone in the world.

Free Hairpiece
Get a small hairpiece from Garland Drake for only the price of postage.

Free Bindi
Get a free bindi from Profoundia, for either a self addressed stamped envelope, or an addressed envelope and international postal voucher.  Go to their site, and look in their FAQ for details.  If you order something from them, They will also send you a free fancy fashion bindi in exchange for photos of yourself in their products.

Free Foundation Samples
From Sacha Cosmetics.  You pay only shipping, and get three free testers with quite enough to figure out which is right for you and maybe wear it a day to see how it works.  Covers all skin tones including African coffee, to Asian golden, to European olive.


Enter to Win a Free Dress from Priyanka's
The net's best Indian clothing store has a drawing to win a free dress.  I actually won this once.  You pay only the price of postage.

If you have a free offer that would be of interest to our readers, please contact us!

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