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Braless Support and Chafing Treatment

One of the questions I get the most is about how to support the breasts comfortably in hot weather.
There are a few ways of doing this.

One simple way is by wearing a small men's tankshirt, a.k.a. "wifebeater".  If you are already small, go a step lower in size to the kids' section, and try a large girls' tankshirt.

Another way is by wrapping them with a cotton dupatta or chunni.  This is a large scarf, that is usually enough to serve as a chest wrap.
If you prefer something that looks more like a bra, and gives more support than the tankshirt, try cutting a pair of panties halfway down the middle starting from the center of the crotch, and overlocking the cut parts, to prevent it stretching too far out of shape.  This, many athletic women describe as "perfection".  One can use any kind of sturdy, regular cut panties (not bikini or hipsters) for this, but most athletes recommend using men's briefs.

Preventing Chafing of Thighs

To prevent chafing of the inner thigh area, it is best to wear bloomers.  This is underwear that looks like shorts, but that is not too loose on the body.  The best have a mild elastic around the base of the leg openning to stop them from riding up.  If they don't have elastic legs, they should be long enough to stay in place just above or below the knees.

Generally, they should be made of a natural soft fiber such as cotton or hemp, but many who walk alot for their jobs say that satin bloomers with a cotton crotch or yoke sewn in work best for them.

Treating Chafing

The best treatment for chafing is prevention, but if it happens anyway, the first thing you should do is get checked to see if a fungus is responsible.  Treat the fungus, but don't be surprised if the skin problems persist.  After the anti fungal treatment from the doctor, use a combination zinc oxide and anti fungal until it is reasonably dried out.  After that, do maintenance with an ointment with polygonum extract.  This should have some alcohol in it, and not be too oily.  The slickness comes from the polygonum.

Once it is at a manageable level, use oblipiha oil or cream on any scars or tender, thin skin that might be left.

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