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This all might seem a little complicated for lunch, but parent packed bento is supposed to be more than just a vehicle for nutrients.  It is yet another way to say that not only is one fulfilling their basic obligation as the cook, but that they want to be doing it, and love those they are cooking for.

There are many ways of packing a bento style lunch:

  • Using a traditional, laquerware bento box.
  • Using a plastic Japanese bento lunch box.
  • Using a covered, sectioned plate.
  • Using a series of small plastic containers.
  • Using folded paper, cardboard, or aluminim foil, lined with oil resistant paper, to make little boxes.
Traditionally, the foods one puts into a bento box, or obento, should be tasty and aesthetically pleasing.  Rice is usually present, but doesn't have to be.  If it is, it should be pressed into balls or rolls with the hands, a sushi wrapper, or a rice ball mold, or simply pressed down into the compartment, and garnished with sesame seeds or herbs or vegetables.

If you get a Japanese bento lunchbox, to help keep it closed, and to secure a frozen drink box atop it, you should use ribbons, or rubber bands which are either colorful and pretty, or are long enough to be wound around it in interesting ways.  The whole pack should be put into a nice bag, or tied into a cloth, by bringing the corners together.  The cloth or bag used for carrying a bento box or other items is called furoshiki.

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