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Charity and Activism

Rutger Hauer's Starfish Association - Helping people with HIV in the Turk islands.

News and Favorite Blogs

Hijabi Style - Packed with photos and tips on the latest hijab styles and fashion.

Empowered Traditionalist - Blogging modesty in the news, trends, and opinions, geared towards a Christian audience.

Eliza Magazine - Online and offline magazine for modest women.  It appeals to the secular or moderate modest woman.

Nutrition and Recipes - Natural/Anachronist diet information and recipes to help you lose weight easily without starving or breaking your budget.  On this diet, you can eat until you're full, and have butter, full cream, eggs, and other things the media told you were bad, but doctors know are good for you.  There is even a free cooking for weight loss course to help you get started.  This site is without gimmicks, and you can comment and ask questions or submit recipes and articles to the knowledge base.

Chicken Soups - Chicken soup recipes, information, and reviews.

Soul Food - Authentic soul food recipes.

Our Favorite Shops

786 Store - One of our favorite eBay stores with great deals on Islamic clothing, books, alcohol-free perfumes, kufi, prayer rugs and all sorts of things for both Muslims and modest dressers and spiritual people of other faiths.

Ohana Swimwear - Modest western/Christian style swimwear. Ohana Swimwear carries relatively modest swimsuits designed for full coverage even during water sports, and safety.  They are skin tight, and ranging from tank style to short sleeved tops.

WholesomeWear - WholesomeWear swimsuits are double layered, and offer both knees to neck coverage, and shape concealing top layer made as culotte jumpers or overdresses. - Offers swimsuits that cover all but the face, hands, and feet, and they include a matching optional head covering.  They come in many colors and go up to size XL.  For both coverage and concealing the body's shape, these are the best.

Swimwear Solutions - Offers modest swimwear and sewing patterns designed for beauty, modesty, and practicality.

The Hijab Shop - Scarves and modest clothing and accessories suitable for anyone modest.

Spirituality - Christ without the conflict.  Followers of the original teachings of Jesus from all faiths. - Spiritual counseling education and community.

Directories and Webmaster Resources
Costume Ring - A webring for websites about costuming and ethnic and period dress.

Favicon Maker - Make a favicon (favorites icon) for your website fast and easy.

FashionMoz - Fashion directory with categorized fashion links and free URL submission.

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